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Caspian Fish

At present Caspian Fish Company founded on February, 10, 2001 is a leader in the field of caviar and fish production manufacture in Azerbaijan. Caspian Fish is a new type enterprise established in compliance with highest world standards. Caspian Fish manufactures 96 items of fish products. Structure of the company comprises Caspian Fish plant, Mingachevir plant for fish farming and bio resources reproduction and Siyazan Fish LTD.

Fish, caviar, fish flour production facilities and smokehouse as well as industrial sites equipped with advanced equipment made by LUBECA and BAADER companies for plastic and acrylic containers production, fish canned food and semi preserved foods are operating at the enterprise. The Centre for science on fishery and fish culture is also operating at Caspian Fish plant, main scope of which is rational use of fish resources, ecological monitoring of Caspian Sea, introduction of cutting-edge technologies and their effective utilization. Overall objective of the centre is to ensure required fish stock based on scientific researches.

Perfect quality is a trademark of the Caspian Fish company. System of the strict quality control over raw materials, strict compliance with technological processes, service instructions and storage of end products is introduced throughout all enterprises of the company. Since 2002 Caspian Fish has been cooperating with SGS company. Within the framework of this cooperation Caspian Fish company introduced sanitary HAССP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points - the Analysis of risks and critical points) program at the enterprises.

In 2009 Caspian Fish has received the certificate ISO 22000 that confirms conformity of company’s production to the approved food safety standards. Caspian Fish participating in the international exhibitions on a regular basis has been awarded prestigious diplomas and awards for achievements in the field of food-processing industry.


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