Gilan Qida

Qəbələ Fındıq Emalı Zavodu

Established in 2005, the hazelnut-processing factory is equipped with modern processing and packaging machinery, its hourly capacity being 5 tones of hazelnuts (1.3t of kernels). A hazelnut roasting and chopping section produces nuts with the required humidity in three different calibers. They are produced in both roasted and peeled variants, in addition to hazelnut flour.

The HACCP system is applied throughout the process, and the end product meets international standards. Products are mainly exported to the EU, particularly to Italy and Germany. The facility is equipped with modern air-conditioning system, which ensures a comfortable working environment for staff and a consistent product quality. In addition to conventional production, the factory also has an organically certified production line.

The production process is divided between five areas:


The different stages of production are stringently regulated, with product quality and humidity content being laboratory-tested continuously. All products are processed in conformity with EC quality standards.